Protected Posts Logout Button

This is a simple useful plugin I wrote to automatically add a logout button to protected posts on your WordPress blog or website.

The way it works is simple, by adding a filter to `the_content()` it adds a button to any post that requires a password but the password has been provided already. It adds the button before outputting the content.

There is no shortcode to add or any tags to place in your theme, all it requires is a little javascript and your theme to be using `wp_head()` and `wp_footer()`.

It comes with a simple settings page:

Example Page (the password is password)

Download Protected Posts Logout Button Plugin

This plugin is provided free. I wrote it to solve a simple but common problem that I’ve addressed for more than one client, but as usual any donations are much appreciated.

I will be adding this plugin soon to the WordPress plugin repository, but I have to get my ducks in a row first!

The plugin is now in the svn repository, and has already had 1.1 release, embarrassing but I had an error that would return the incorrect plugin url for the js causing a 404. So that has been fixed. My apologies for any inconvenience, and I hope this helps you! See it on wordpress



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