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April 26, 2012

As a web developer, you have to be on the look out for tools that will help you do your job better. This month I encountered a plugin that does just that.

Advanced Custom Fields

This plugin, Advanced Custom Fields, is really amazing, and it does pretty much exactly what it says. With this plugin you can easily add custom fields to any post type. It comes with many options for types of input including WYSIWYG, text, textarea, image, file, select, checkbox, page link, post object, date picker, color picker. Where this really shines is in the conditional rules for which post types (and specific posts/pages) it should show on.

The way it works

You add Field Groups (meta boxes) then you add the desired fields to the field group. Next you select the conditions you want the field group to show on. You select post type, then operator ( such as IS, IS NOT ) then a value. But it doesn’t stop there, you can select categories, post formats, page template, page parent, user type and more for these conditional rules.

Next you select options for your field group (positioning, ordering, style etc) and you can hide the other metaboxes on the edit page it shows on.

How it will save you time

You don’t have to code specific meta box functions, functions to save values, or add the actions [using add_action()]. It also comes with a couple functions to get the fields more easily than using get_post_custom or get_post_meta. See Code Examples on their website.

The interface is easy to use, and makes adding custom fields stupidly easy.

For example you could easily add a Field Group that only admin user’s could see, add a special meta box to your category ‘Fluffy Bunnies’ that wouldn’t show on any other post type, or add fields to a specific page template like your home page template.

The possibilities are pretty endless but of course its good to use this in moderation and it probably won’t meet all of your needs. Advanced Custom fields is definitely a plugin worth trying out! It’s written by Elliot Condon, from Melbourne, Australia. Solid work Elliot!

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