April 1, 2012

So it was a lazy Sunday and I got bored…

With that being said, I decided to get into my own WordPress site and do some house cleaning. I regret to say that I have been far too neglectful of this since I started it, being super busy is both a blessing and a curse. ‘Feast over famine’ is an expression several of my friends have told me whenever I tell them how busy I am with work.

Though it is true I am busy, I am also taking tons of time to experiment and learn new things as often as possible.  I figure it maybe a good idea to share some of that, document it, and perhaps share some fun with the hopes that I can give back to the web community as much as it has given me.

I will be trying to post in here often (such a cliché thing to say as a first blog post after a hiatus) but I think it will be good for me, so I promise I will try.

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